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At this time, we are reckoning with the historic and current injustices that minoritized populations have faced in this country. These injustices are not limited to the “fast deaths” of obvious racist attacks; it includes the “slow deaths” occurring from the disproportionate effects of climate change and pollution. During this time, I am excited to join Center for Neighborhood Technology as a Project Associate on the Urban Resilience team. In my first few weeks, the discussions we’ve had have... Continue reading »



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The economics of integration or assimilation - why can’t I live in a Black neighborhood without making the journey of a thousand miles for fresh veggies?
Chasing after an adequate grocer: trains, cars, bikes, and my Black experience.
Who am I and why do I live in a food desert? (Hint - It’s because I’m Black)
What Can Communities Do About Lead in Drinking Water?

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Increasing Funding and Financing Options for Sustainable Stormwater Management

by CNT
May 4, 2022

Our country’s water infrastructure needs investment. However, funding and financing sources are growing increasingly competitive and communities are finding it difficult to secure adequate resources to make needed investments in their systems. In this report, CNT identifies innovative funding and financing mechanisms to support communities working to upgrade their infrastructure. We look to the energy and transportation sectors for funding and financing applications, take a closer look at the ways our state revolving loan funds can be better utilized, and explore how public dollars can be invested on private property to achieve distributed impacts and benefits.

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能上picacg的梯子 能上picacg的梯子

Chicagoans swamp city with flood complaints after spring’s record rain

Chicago Sun Times | July 20, 2022

A Sun-Times analysis shows the city received more than 27,000 reports to 311 about flood-related problems in the past two years.

Among the hardest-hit areas is Chatham, a community that the nonprofit Center for Neighborhood Technology previously declared to be among the worst hit by flooding damage in the country. For more than a half-dozen years, the center has been working with the neighborhood to help solve its flooding problems.

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CNT is engaged by governments, advocates, policy makers, and community groups to apply our expertise to solving problems.

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